Otherwise known as a 'Bucket List', I have a list of dream themed weddings I'd love to be a part of one day. So, if these are something you'd like to have definitely get in touch as I'd love to work with you!

Ceremonies inspired by or weddings themed after:

  • Final Fantasy XIV (specifically 14!)
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
  • Star Wars prequels era
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Circus, Greatest Showman or not
  • Disney - a classic, how can this not be here!

Locations wise I'd love to be able to say I've done a wedding ceremony:

  • On a beach
  • Up a mountain - though in the UK let's be honest, it's more likely going to be a 'hill'
  • Whilst doing some kind of extreme activity, I'm thinking high ropes!
  • Right by a peaceful lake (you saw me mention prequels era Star Wars before, right?)
  • Abroad

If you can't tell from 'The Dream List', I'm definitely up for anything that's quirky and alternative, and cannot wait to hear what ideas you have for your wedding - whether they're part of my list or not!

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Unity Ceremony

By far the one theme that stands out as most popular amongst my couples is D&D! Ceremonies in D&D weddings usually incorporate of my favourite symbolic elements which is one I created myself: the Dice Unity Ceremony.

Similar to a traditional sand ceremony where each person in the couple has a different colour sand that they mix together into one jar to represent their lives coming together, this involves each person having a set of dice.

Each dice represents a particular aspect of your lives, and you combine your two sets of dice into one 'Together' jar. I enjoy placing this dice exchange just before your vows with the D20 the last dice to be placed in the jar - that way you can each roll for initiative to see who'll be saying their vows first!

I particularly love this as it's a fun aspect to bring into your ceremony, and welcomes something you love and possibly enjoy as a couple and with friends and family to be an important part of your day even if your wedding is not particularly themed.

Photo by Doodah Photography
Photo by Doodah Photography