What is a celebrant?

An independent celebrant can create a ceremony that is totally personal to you, whether that includes religious rites and traditions or readings from your favourite novel, everything can be customised to what you want.

The ceremonies independent celebrants hold are not legally binding, but that means we can hold them wherever your heart desires: on a beach, in a forest, in a stately manor that does not have its own wedding license - the only true limit is your imagination!

Being non-legally binding it does mean that a ceremony hosted by an independent celebrant requires further paperwork with a Registry Office, but I am happy to help you though that when the time comes.

What will I do?

After an initial enquiry I will go through with you what sort of ceremony you might want, you can ask any questions of me and from there you can complete a booking form and get your date and ceremony set with me.

I will send you information about what you may want in your ceremony, and ask you many questions to help me draft you an order of service. Once an order of service is decided we can begin putting everything together! Within this I can help you write your own vows, or write them for you if you so wish, and help you decide on poems, readings, and any symbolic elements you would like to include and who of your friends or family you might want as a participant in your ceremony.

For a full wedding ceremony I can go through a rehearsal with you beforehand, and help choreograph how the ceremony will work and the positions to be in at each point to make sure you are happy and the ceremony is exactly what you want!

Symbolic Elements


By hiring a celebrant you can involve whatever you want in your ceremony! This could be readings from religious texts, poems, quotes from your favourite book or film, or more often than not a 'symbolic element'. These can take place at any point in your ceremony and can be personalised totally to you and your interests, hobbies and personalities. Some examples include:

Handfasting/'tying the knot': this is a tradition that involves tying ribbons, cords, or any other material that will work around the couples held hands as a blessing or vows are taken.

Jumping the broom: traditionally taking place just before the couple or family leaves, jumping the broom symbolises sweeping the past away and stepping into your new lives together.

Lighting of candles: any number of candles could be lit to symbolise an infinite number of meanings, from having a candle representing each partners family and using those to light a unity candle or having a person from each generation lighting a candle to represent a family coming together.

Dungeons & Dragons dice exchange: the traditional six dice used in the tabletop game could each represent something special to the couple, which could be read aloud as you gift them to each other.

Unmasking: arrive wearing a mask of your choosing, and have your partner unmask you at some point during the ceremony to reveal your true self to them and your gathered trusted guests.

Other examples involve drinking from the same cup or glass traditionally called 'The Loving Cup', planting and watering a tree, and pouring sand together in a unity sand ceremony.

About Me

I'm Natalie, founder and owner of Velvet Moon Ceremonies! As an individual I am creative and organised, with a passion for helping people get the most out of life. As a celebrant I aim to do this by making your ceremony the best it can be and as unique and personal as you are. I also believe any celebrant you find should truly resonate with you if they are to lead an important ceremony in your life, so please look through this to hopefully get a feel of what I'm like and what type of ceremonies I could really make shine!

If you want to host a themed ceremony where your celebrant can fit right in then look no further than Velvet Moon Ceremonies!

I have attended both vintage and steampunk events, as well as created and worn my own fantasy outfits, so if there is a specific look you would like me to wear I would be happy to oblige (pending possible costs of course). I of course love simple modern looks too, so if all you wish for your ceremony is to be elegant and traditional then I am more than happy to wear whatever will fit your colour scheme and the look you are going for.




Outside of conducting fabulous ceremonies I have two main hobbies: cosplay and aerial circus! Through these I express my creativity and am constantly learning new things. You will find both of these hobbies also lead me to be very open about whatever your passion is, and I'll be willing to take on any concept or theme to mold your ceremony around.

As a nerd myself who occassionally runs away with the circus, you will find nothing is too bizarre for me and the more fantastical your concept for your ceremony the more I'd love to take it on!