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Weddings, Writing from the other side

Our (partially) Final Fantasy 14 Themed Wedding

If you’ve been here awhile, or know me personally or from my cosplay page, you’ll know that critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is my favourite video game. In fact, not just video game: it’s my favourite piece of media full stop! So with tomorrow marking the early access release of Dawntrail, the latest FFXIV …

Weddings, Writing from the other side

Why our wedding day was not the day we got married

Today is my own anniversary – well, one of them! As a celebrant myself I knew that for my wedding day I wanted a celebrant-led ceremony, and know that whilst a wedding is generally a celebration of a marriage it doesn’t have to be the day that marriage starts. Since celebrant-led weddings are not currently …


How to get legally married.

There is no need for you to be legally married before a celebrant led ceremony, nor do you need to intend on getting legally married afterwards. A celebrant led ceremony will be a commitment of your love, a symbolic and beautiful moment that reflects your partnership regardless of if it is legally binding – and …