I'm Natalie, founder and owner of Velvet Moon Ceremonies! As an individual I am creative and organised, with a passion for helping people get the most out of life. As a celebrant I aim to do this by making your ceremony the best it can be and as unique and personal as you are. I also believe any celebrant you find should truly resonate with you if they are to lead an important ceremony in your life, so please look through this to hopefully get a feel of what I'm like and what type of ceremonies I can really make shine!

If you want to host a themed ceremony where your celebrant can fit right in then look no further than Velvet Moon Ceremonies - whether it's an elven forest fantasy, a vintage gothic extravaganza or a Star Wars neon dream, I will make sure both your script and my attire fit within your vision for the perfect ceremony.


In 2022 I have taken festival themed weddings, a Final Fantasy themed ceremony, and a commitment ceremony with white, black and yellow colour themings. You can be sure that whatever your theme or colour scheme I will be sure to find an outfit that fits in on the day and your ceremony will resonate with the exact vibe you want.


I have attended both vintage and steampunk events, as well as created and worn my own fantasy outfits, so if there is a specific look you would like me to wear I would be happy to oblige (pending possible costs, of course). I love simple modern looks too, so if all you wish for your ceremony is to be elegant and traditional then I am more than happy to wear whatever will fit your colour scheme and the look you are going for.

A White Mage costume I wore for a Final Fantasy themed ceremony in 2022.
A White Mage costume I wore for a Final Fantasy themed ceremony in 2022.
A couple holding Ahsoka Tano's lightsabers
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Outside of conducting fabulous ceremonies I am also a fantasy writer, and every year I participate in different writing challenges including National Novel Writing Month, which pushes writers to pen 50,000 words of a story in the month of November. Writing about magicians and princesses in far away lands helps me hone my craft when it comes to the written word, improving my skills when it comes to creating bespoke ceremonies as well.

In my day job I work at a video game studio and I have two main hobbies: cosplay and aerial circus! Through these I express my creativity and am constantly learning new things. You will find both of these hobbies and my everyday work also lead me to be very open about whatever your passion is, and I'll be willing to take on any concept or theme to mould your ceremony around.

As a nerd myself who occasionally runs away with the circus and is constantly exploring magical worlds, you will find nothing is too bizarre for me and the more fantastical your concept for your ceremony the more I'd love to take it on!