Handfasting ceremony

By hiring a celebrant you can have whatever you want in your ceremony! This could be readings from religious texts, poems, quotes from your favourite book or film, or more often than not a 'symbolic element'. These can take place at any point in your ceremony and can be personalised totally to you and your interests, hobbies and personalities. Some examples include:

Handfasting/'tying the knot': this is a tradition that involves tying ribbons, cords, or any other material that will work around the couples held hands as a blessing or vows are taken.

Jumping the broom: traditionally taking place just before the couple or family leaves, jumping the broom symbolises sweeping the past away and stepping into your new lives together.

Lighting of candles: any number of candles could be lit to symbolise an infinite number of meanings, from having a candle representing each partners family and using those to light a unity candle or having a person from each generation lighting a candle to represent a family coming together.

Dungeons & Dragons dice exchange: the traditional six dice used in the tabletop game could each represent something special to the couple, which could be read aloud as you gift them to each other.

Unmasking: arrive wearing a mask of your choosing, and have your partner unmask you at some point during the ceremony to reveal your true self to them and your gathered trusted guests.

Other examples of a symbolic element include drinking from the same cup or glass traditionally called 'The Loving Cup', planting and watering a tree, and pouring sand together in a unity sand ceremony.

Handfasting ceremony
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