Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony can be the perfect way to welcome a new baby into your family! You can include friends and family in the ceremony, and nominate supporting adults who can voice their commitments to your child as well.

If you are adopting a new child into your family, or wish to hold a ceremony to celebrate becoming a family unit with step-children, then I can tailor the naming ceremony into a family harmony ceremony, so that your child or children can have a ceremony of their own to know the love and commitment you have for them.

Celebrate Becoming You

Re-Naming and Identity Ceremonies

Coming out to your friends and family as transgendered or non gender conforming can be a difficult time, but I hope that when you feel you are in a place to celebrate your identity, you may wish to do so with a specific ceremony.

I have spoken to friends within the LGBTQ+ community to understand what I could offer and believe I could give you a very meaningful ceremony to help celebrate who you truly are, so please do get in touch to find out more!

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